Turbo 88 Syphon

Here at Super Discount Plumbing our Turbo 88 Syphons are Ideal for use as a replacement in most ceramic exposed and plastic concealed cisterns.

2-part design enables the syphon body to be simply removed from the cistern leaving the white downleg in position. Servicing can then be completed in under 5 minutes without having to disconnect the water supply and dismantle the cistern.

New adjustable version extends from 191mm (7½") to 241mm (9½") to provide a convenient solution that fits most lever operated cisterns.

WRAS Approved.

38mm (1½") diameter outlet.

Spares packs readily available.

Blue body on Turbo adjustable can be retrofitted onto existing Turbo 88 downleg without dismantling a cistern.

6/7/9 litre convertible.

Dudley Duoflush delivers water-saving reduced flush when lever is held down and full flush when lever is depresssed and released.

Water Technology List registered

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There are no reviews for this product yet. Be the first to add one!

Code Description SIZE Price Quantity
316965 Turbo 88 Duoflush Valve 7 ½" 2 Part Syphon 7 ?"
£17.75 (exc VAT) Each
313673 Turbo 88 Duoflush Valve 9 ½" 2 Part Syphon 9 1/2"
£17.99 (exc VAT) Each
313879 Turbo 88 Duoflush Valve 10" 2 Part Syphon 10"
£17.99 (exc VAT) Each