90 Deg Elbow

At Super Discount Plumbing our Brass Compression 90 Deg Elbows are suitable for connecting two lengths of Copper Tube on Hot or Cold Systems. These Plumbing Fittings are also known as Waterline Compression Fittings and enables a quick system build by simply tightening the nuts over the pipe without the need for any heat or Solder.

These Plumbing Supplies come in sizes 8mm to 54mm available on a nextday delivery sold in singles or bulk buys

WRAS Approvals are available in 8mm - 28mm only  and all fittings are made to EU & BS Standards.


No detailed specifications are available for this product.

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There are no reviews for this product yet. Be the first to add one!

Code Description SIZE Price Quantity
20001 Compression 8mm x 8mm 90 Deg Elbow 8mm
£0.56 (exc VAT) Each
20002 Compression 10mm x 10mm 90 Deg Elbow 10mm
£0.72 (exc VAT) Each
20003 Compression 15mm x 15mm 90 Deg Elbow 15mm
£0.66 (exc VAT) Each
20004 Compression 22mm x 22mm 90 Deg Elbow 22mm
£1.26 (exc VAT) Each
20006 Compression 28mm x 28mm 90 Deg Elbow 28mm
£2.17 (exc VAT) Each
20007 Compression 35mm x 35mm 90 Deg Elbow 35mm
£6.03 (exc VAT) Each
20008 Compression 42mm x 42mm 90 Deg Elbow 42mm
£7.45 (exc VAT) Each
20009 Compression 54mm x 54mm 90 Deg Elbow 54mm
£14.92 (exc VAT) Each
20005 Compression 22mm x 15mm 90 Deg Elbow 22mm x 15mm
£1.40 (exc VAT) Each