Compression Chrome Fittings

Super Discount Plumbing supply a Large Range of Chrome Plated Compression Fittings Including Elbows, Tees, Couplers, Sockets an End Caps, they are easy to install with No Soldering or Heat required, they can be dismantled and rebuilt and work well at High Pressure providing Watertight seals.   All Chrome Fittings are bright Polished Finished and are available in 15mm - 22mm only.

All Fittings are made to EU & BS Standards.


Compression Chrome Fittings
Wall Plate Elbows

From £2.40 (exc VAT)

Female Iron Elbows

From £2.01 (exc VAT)

90° Elbows

From £1.35 (exc VAT)

Male Iron Elbows

From £1.92 (exc VAT)

Reducing Tees

From £5.07 (exc VAT)

Equal Tee

From £1.79 (exc VAT)


From £1.36 (exc VAT)

Male Iron Couplers

From £1.27 (exc VAT)

End Caps

From £0.88 (exc VAT)

Chrome Brass Bush

From £0.72 (exc VAT)