Compression Brass Fittings

Brass Compression Plumbing Fittings to EN12542-2;1998 are perfect for joining copper plumbing pipe where the use of flames or heat is not possible or permitted. Compression fittings are simple to fit for a leak-tight seal with just spanners.  Easily demountable and re-useable, making them perfect for DIY use. Suitable for all hot and cold water services, as well as chemical, oil and gas. Compression fittings are used in plumbing and electrical conduit systems and can be used to connect different pipe materials together (for example brass, copper or chrome) when an appropriate an olive should be used on the connection with the dis-similar material.   See Downloads for Jointing Technigues.

Super Discount Plumbing offers a broad range of Brass Compression Fittings and are available from stock to fit a wide variety of pipe sizes from 8mm – 54mm, including Couplers, Elbows, Reducers and Tees

Maximum Operating Pressure 8mm - 54mm = 16.0 Bar
Maximum Operating Temperature 85 Degrees

Compression Brass Fittings
90° Elbow

From £0.83 (exc VAT)

Wall Plate Elbow

From £1.55 (exc VAT)

Male Iron Elbow

From £0.62 (exc VAT)

Female Iron Elbow

From £0.66 (exc VAT)


From £0.66 (exc VAT)

Repair Coupler

From £1.27 (exc VAT)

Male Iron Coupler

From £0.51 (exc VAT)

Reducing Coupler

From £0.72 (exc VAT)

Equal Tee

From £1.18 (exc VAT)

Female Iron Tee

From £2.78 (exc VAT)

Blanking Disc

From £0.16 (exc VAT)

Brass Olives

From £0.07 (exc VAT)

Copper Olives

From £0.11 (exc VAT)

Tank Connectors

From £1.68 (exc VAT)

End Caps

From £0.40 (exc VAT)


From £0.25 (exc VAT)