Fitting Reducer Internal

At Super Discount Plumbing our End Feed Internal Fitting Reducers are a simple and cost effective way to join Copper Tube together on Hot or Cold Systems. These Plumbing Fittings are also known as Capillary Fitting Reducers and these Copper Fittings are suitable for joining Copper Tubes with Solder Joints.

These Plumbing Supplies come in sizes 8mm to 108mm available on a nextday delivery sold in singles or bulk buys

WRAS Approved and are made to EU & BS Standards.

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There are no reviews for this product yet. Be the first to add one!

Code Description SIZE Price Quantity
10191 End Feed 10mm x 8mm Fitting Reducer 10mm x 8mm
£0.10 (exc VAT) Each
10198 End Feed 15mm x 8mm Fitting Reducer 15mm x 8mm
£0.21 (exc VAT) Each
10196 End Feed 15mm x 10mm Fitting Reducer 15mm x 10mm
£0.23 (exc VAT) Each
10197 End Feed 15mm x 12mm Fitting Reducer 15mm x 12mm
£0.27 (exc VAT) Each
10199 End Feed 22mm x 15mm Fitting Reducer 22mm x 15mm
£0.25 (exc VAT) Each
10200 End Feed 28mm x 15mm Fitting Reducer 28mm x 15mm
£0.75 (exc VAT) Each
10201 End Feed 28mm x 22mm Fitting Reducer 28mm x 22mm
£0.52 (exc VAT) Each
10202 End Feed 35mm x 15mm Fitting Reducer 35mm x 15mm
£1.40 (exc VAT) Each
10203 End Feed 35mm x 22mm Fitting Reducer 35mm x 22mm
£1.28 (exc VAT) Each
10204 End Feed 35mm x 28mm Fitting Reducer 35mm x 28mm
£1.81 (exc VAT) Each
10205 End Feed 42mm x 15mm Fitting Reducer 42mm x 15mm
£2.47 (exc VAT) Each
10206 End Feed 42mm x 22mm Fitting Reducer 42mm x 22mm
£2.52 (exc VAT) Each
10207 End Feed 42mm x 28mm Fitting Reducer 42mm x 28mm
£2.51 (exc VAT) Each
10208 End Feed 42mm x 35mm Fitting Reducer 42mm x 35mm
£2.51 (exc VAT) Each
10209 End Feed 54mm x 15mm Fitting Reducer 54mm x 15mm
£3.26 (exc VAT) Each
10210 End Feed 54mm x 22mm Fitting Reducer 54mm x 22mm
£3.21 (exc VAT) Each
10211 End Feed 54mm x 28mm Fitting Reducer 54mm x 28mm
£3.06 (exc VAT) Each
10212 End Feed 54mm x 35mm Fitting Reducer 54mm x 35mm
£3.38 (exc VAT) Each
10213 End Feed 54mm x 42mm Fitting Reducer 54mm x 42mm
£3.34 (exc VAT) Each
10214 End Feed 67mm x 28mm Fitting Reducer 67mm x 28mm
£8.24 (exc VAT) Each
10215 End Feed 67mm x 35mm Fitting Reducer 67mm x 35mm
£8.36 (exc VAT) Each
10216 End Feed 67mm x 42mm Fitting Reducer 67mm x 42mm
£7.40 (exc VAT) Each
10217 End Feed 67mm x 54mm Fitting Reducer 67mm x 54mm
£7.22 (exc VAT) Each
10218 End Feed 76mm x 54mm Fitting Reducer 76mm x 54mm
£15.54 (exc VAT) Each
10219 End Feed 76mm x 67mm Fitting Reducer 76mm x 67mm
£14.28 (exc VAT) Each
10192 End Feed 108mm x 42mm Fitting Reducer 108mm x 42mm
£30.21 (exc VAT) Each
10193 End Feed 108mm x 54mm Fitting Reducer 108mm x 54mm
£24.20 (exc VAT) Each
10194 End Feed 108mm x 67mm Fitting Reducer 108mm x 67mm
£25.00 (exc VAT) Each
10195 End Feed 108mm x 76mm Fitting Reducer 108mm x 76mm
£25.00 (exc VAT) Each