Solder Ring / Lead Free Yorkshire Fittings

At Super Discount Plumbing we stock a wide range of Lead Free Solder Ring Plumbing Fittings (sometimes referred to as Yorkshire Fittings also known as Pegler Fittings) and are available from stock to fit pipe sizes 8mm - 54mm.

Solder Ring Fittings are pre-soldered joint connectors for joining copper pipes. These are ideal when fitting in confined spaces and where single handed fitting is required.
Our range of cheap Solder Ring / Yorkshire Plumbing Fittings includes:- Couplers, Reducing Couplings,  Imperial Couplers, Equal and Reducing Tees,  Cross Overs,  Connectors and Pipe Cowls.

Maximum Operating Pressure 8mm - 54mm = 25.0 Bar
Maximum Operating Temperature 80 Degrees

WRAS Approved, EU & BS Standards

Solder Ring / Lead Free Yorkshire Fittings
90 Deg Elbows

From £0.42 (exc VAT)

Equal Tees

From £0.76 (exc VAT)