Black Iron Fittings

At Super Discount Plumbing you can choose from our wide range of high quality Black Iron Fittings at cheap prices. They offer a great resistance to corrosion making them an ideal choice to use with water, steam and gas. Choose from our broad range of Black Iron fittings available from stock to fit a wide variety of sizes from as small as 1/4" to 2" including Plugs, Caps, Elbows, Hexagon Nipples, Bushes, Sockets, Reducers and Tees.

Black Iron Fittings

From £0.55 (exc VAT)

Equal Elbow F x F

From £0.62 (exc VAT)

Elbows M x F

From £0.49 (exc VAT)

Hexagon Nipples

From £0.41 (exc VAT)


From £0.36 (exc VAT)

Equal Sockets

From £0.61 (exc VAT)

Equal Tees

From £0.54 (exc VAT)

Straight Unions

From £1.97 (exc VAT)